Deborah Bradley: Nothing to Hide?

I usually don’t write about a topic twice, but I can’t stop thinking about the Lisa Irwin case.  The fact that it involves a 10-month-old child has much to do with it.  When the story first broke, there was a possibility that a stranger might have taken this baby.  I didn’t fully understand how it could have happened, but my hope was Lisa would be found safe and alive.  The past few days has  created more doubt as the story is changing.  Unfortunately we have seen this pattern before and the outcome is never a good one.

The mother, Deborah Bradley, now admits to being drunk the night of the disappearance.  She reports last seeing Lisa at approximately 6:30.  Why did she leave out this “detail”?  Is she more worried about how she looks at this point?  Why would a mother who is alone in the house at night with 3 children, drink to the point of getting drunk?  Does she have a problem with alcohol?  If it was a lapse in judgment, why did she pick that night?  Did she really get drunk alone?

The parents have spent a great deal of time talking to the media.  This behavior has been observed before with the likes of Susan Smith and Scott Peterson.  I remember the Peterson interview with Diane Sawyer.  He didn’t miss a beat answering her questions and had a response for all of them.  That interview played a big role in his trial.  One could argue that the couple is trying to keep their case public in an effort to find their daughter.  Her new legal team has put a stop to these interviews as they recognize the damage that could come from them.

These new lawyers and investigators have also stated that mother has “nothing to hide”.   That doesn’t match with the new information about what happened that night.  I would think that upon discovering that your child is missing, you would tell the whole truth right at the start.  It only adds suspicion to a case that is becoming increasing incredulous,  and has added a significant amount doubt.  Once again, a child is the victim of something inconceivable to most.  My heart still has the hope of a miracle, but my head fears that it will not happen.

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