The Hype of Black Friday

Let me see if I can understand the thrill of shopping on Black Friday.  I can stay up and go shopping for bargains at midnight, or I can get a few hours of sleep, and shop at stores that open anytime between 4:00 A.M. and 6:00 A.M.   I will have to stand in line for hours in the dark and cold with a few hundred other people waiting for the doors to open.  Once they do, a mad rush will begin for the 3 televisions or computers that are incredibly discounted.  Of course I won’t get one of those deals, but now that I am in the store, let’s see what else I can find.  This is the hype of Black Friday.  It is a day I don’t shop.

I appreciate a bargain as much as anyone.  I like deals and coupons.  I rarely pay full price for anything, and usually wait for sales.  Sales are going to offered from now until the holidays.  They will continue after the holidays as well.  Why people are willing to camp out days ahead of time is baffling.  To wade among crowds on what should be a restful weekend is surprising.   To force people to work on what once was a day that stores were closed is unfair.  The retailers claim that it is the public that want these hours, but if they weren’t offered, they wouldn’t be outside waiting in those lines.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  It is a day that family and friends gather and share a nice meal.  It is a time to reflect on our blessings.  This has been a hard year for many American families.   For every advertisement for a store sale, there is a story about food pantries that are trying to meet the demand of a Thanksgiving dinner.  The focus of the day should be on what we have, not what we can get.   Health, family, food, a job, and happiness, cannot be taken over by thoughts of materialism.  Let us remember the meaning of the day as it was meant to be.  Gather with group of people, maybe watch the  parade, and have a nice meal together.  Enjoy what money can’t buy and have a Happy Thanksgiving.

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2 thoughts on “The Hype of Black Friday

  1. Was Christmas about the celebration of the birth of Christ, hummmmm
    Then Coca-Cola decided to make Saint Nick in their brand colors and looks
    Then wall-street decided lets hype the parents to buy and buy.
    So wall street had China make everything, ensure its shipped to America by September,distributed by October and
    Then the kids were hyped with get get get
    Now the cycle continues, buy, get , buy get and who profits? Not baby Jesus, not the parents, not the kids but China and Wall-street. If parents and kids got satisfied they would not be in line year after year;for poor quality and short-lived satisfaction
    Oh its like chasing the wind.

    Now to my hypocrisy… I did spend $16.86 on two 16GB memory for my camera and a memory stick. And Chocolate.


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