Rachel, the Credit Scammer

Hello!  My name is Rachel.   There is nothing wrong with your credit card, but……

Who is Rachel and why does she keep calling?  Yes she will lower my credit rate as soon as I hand over all my personal information.  This woman gets around too.  She has called from numerous locations and phone numbers.  She is also persistent in her attempts to reach me.   In a short over the phone interview, she can aid in my financial situation.  Oh Rachel, please stop calling.  I know your game and I’m not falling for it.

How can it be that these credit scammers are able to exist for such a long period of time?  Are they really that techno savvy that they can eliminate all possible means of being detected?  I usually don’t answer these calls when I don’t recognize the name or number on the caller ID, but there have been times in which I have been fooled.  Once, the incoming call was identified as coming from Florida.  I was hesitant to pick up, but my mother-in-law lives in Florida and I didn’t want to take the chance that something had happened to her.  Of course, it was Rachel once again reassuring me about my credit.

These people prey on those who are having financial difficulties, or are just plain lonely.  They offer a kind, helpful voice that sounds sincere.   No matter how many warnings are reported, there are individuals who fall for the offer.  The ones that hurt people the most are the ones that ask for money upfront with the promise of a greater fortune in return.  As the old saying goes, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.   Many of these scams target the elderly making it all the more of a disgrace.  There have been reports of individuals masquerading as grandchildren or friends in immediate need of funds.  The money is wired, never to be seen again.

I had an aunt who was convinced that the woman who answered the phone for the Home Shopping Network knew her.  This isn’t a scam, but it operates on the idea of making someone feel good about the great bargain they are getting for their money.   My aunt would show me necklaces that had “real diamonds”.   Maybe they were, but you had to have a microscope to see them.  Most likely they were chips left over from cut diamonds, or pieces not used for the end of drill bits.   Aunt Mary didn’t spend a lot of money on these items, but she did believe that she had scored a big one.

In a time when much of the nation is suffering through an economic downturn, scams such as Rachel and friends are benefiting.   I am surprised that there aren’t more reports exposing their tactics.  The phrase “Buyer Beware” should be promoted on a greater level, and more should be done to track these vultures that bring harm and loss to people already surviving on a limited income.  This isn’t the kind of “help” they need.

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5 thoughts on “Rachel, the Credit Scammer

  1. I received an email from a friend recently who told me what to do with these scammers/lurkers. When they phone and ask for you by name and your not familiar with the voice, ask who they are and why do they need to speak to you as in where are they from – company? Once they tell you, then just say to them, ‘Yes, one moment please’, you then put the phone on the table but DO NOT HANG UP. Walk away for a few minutes and then when you wander back (in your own time of course) they’ll have hung up quite simply because they’ve tired of waiting for you to return. So in hindsight, they are just wasting their own time and cost of a phone call.

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  3. I just keep a party air horn near the phone (they are available at dollar stores) and wait for a human to com on the line then I give them a good blast from the air horn. Doesn’t stop the calls but makes me feel good!

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