September, October, November

     Some people love summer.  Beaches, long days, hot weather, barbecues, ball games, and parades all add to their fun.   Some people love winter.   Skiing, ice skating, sledding, warm fires, holidays, and moments of celebration add to their memories.   Spring is a favorite of most since it is viewed as a season of renewal.   For me, the best season is fall.   September, October, and November are the best three months of the year.

     First, the temperature is just right.  There are days in the summer that are so hot and humid that I feel like I could melt.  Lethargy sets in and I don’t seem to get much done.  During winter, the temperature can get so low that I seem to have a perpetual condition of cold feet and hands.   September is a mixture of days of some having the heat of summer, and then the gradual cooling of temperatures that are comfortable and enjoyable.  You can spend time outdoors enjoying the sun and cool breezes.  The house doesn’t need air conditioning or the heat.  In other words, it is perfect.

      Second, the colors of autumn in New England are something to marvel at year after year.   Some years are better than others, but there are always patches of red, orange, or gold that makes one appreciate nature and all that it offers.  Eventually lawns have to be raked up, but the crunch and smell of leaves on the ground signals the end of a growing season and the harvest of crops.  There is a daily recognition of how some occurrences in life are beautiful, and completely out of our control.

      Some of the best memories I have of my youth happened in the fall.  School started with the anticipation of new classes and seeing friends.  I remember attending high school and college football games, working at a car delivery services place, when they took place outside on a Saturday afternoon.  I remember raking big piles of leaves and jumping in them.   I remember taking long walks, and Halloween was something we always looked forward to.

     The main reason I like fall is that life seems to be a bit simpler.  I’m not saying that work, school, and activities can make life hectic, but how we spend our free time seems to lend itself to more low-key experiences.   Apple and pumpkin picking, art shows, fall festivals, hiking, etc., are low-cost and easy to plan.  Halloween is the major event for kids with the exhilaration of being a different character every year.  The happiness of all kids having fun is celebrated.   The beauty of our world integrated with joy of our young and old is something that surrounds us.   Of course this can be experienced all year, but for me, those golden rays of sun shine a bit brighter during September, October, and November.

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