Six Overused Words and Phrases

Words have a power all their own

Words have a power all their own (Photo credit: Lynne Hand)

     Lately I have noticed a certain phrase being used by people in the media, politicians arguing their point, and others finding a way to put an exclamation on their idea.    There are many words and phrases that over the years continue to be used over and over again as if there is no other way to describe what is being stated.   I have limited this list to the top 6 that I find so annoying, I cringe every time I hear them.   They are……

6.   Awesome.    What started as a valley girl expression of the ‘80s has become a standard form of expression.   Usually it is preceded by the word “so” as in “That was soooooooooooo awesome.” Even small children use this word to explain everything that is considered great.   It would be nice to hear the word magnificent, splendid, fabulous, exciting, outstanding, etc. in its place every now and then.

5.   Amazing.   This is awesome’s cousin.  This is often used to describe some kind of performance, whether you’re trying to get your moving estimates done, or just trying to buy a new BBQ.  It can be athletic, musical, artistic, or written.  It usually refers to an individual who has achieved some kind of feat.   Look at the above list and add talented, strong, smart, vivid, electrifying, stupendous, etc.  You get my drift.

4.   Basically.   The funny thing about this word is that people will use it, and then go on a lengthy discussion into detail.  Somehow the “basic” part of the word was forgotten.

3.  Whatever.   This one really irks me.   It is used whenever someone doesn’t have a reasonable comeback in a discussion.  They might not want to see your point of view, or they just can’t think of a reason why they are wrong.   Parents understand this one.

2.  Out of the box.  Ok, what is the box?  Does anyone know?  Has anyone bothered to examine the contents of the box before they change it?  Maybe something in the box is good.  Maybe we want to keep it.   Do we have to throw the whole thing out?  New ideas are always necessary but they should be based on the past and the present and tweaked, refined, and refreshed.

1.  At the end of the day.   We have finally arrived at what appears the newest catch phrase of late.   Interestingly enough, this is being used by many a politician.  To me this phrase means a conclusion, a resolution, or a final outcome.    Obviously this is not occurring in our present political climate so please stop stating it.  Other people use it to support and reinforce their ideas.   It isn’t that awful a phrase, but it is being stated in too many interviews and discussions.

     It is interesting that as humans we pick up on words and phrases and subconsciously weave them into our speaking or writing vocabulary.  It is limiting in terms of expression.  The dictionary is filled with glorious words taking a back seat in the use of language.   There is so much to choose from that makes conversation more interesting and colorful.   They say think before you speak.  Imagine what you might have to say.

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3 thoughts on “Six Overused Words and Phrases

  1. Good one Angela. “At the end of the day” has been around here so long now that I’ve forgotten how annoying it is. ‘Whatever” really ticks me off too. To me it sounds like, “you’re right but I’m too proud too admit it”, or “I can’t be bothered taking responsibility for this decision”. I don’t like it at all but at the end of the day it’s just a word :) sorry about that

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