Enough is Enough

Official seal of Newtown, Connecticut

Official seal of Newtown, Connecticut (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

      On a beautiful Friday morning, the world changed forever.  In Newtown, CT,  26 sweet souls lost their lives in a senseless act of destruction.  I have not been able to shed any tears.  I think I am still in the shock of disbelief.  I am so angry that the perpetrator targeted an elementary school for an act so horrid.   There are no words to explain why this continues to happen in this country.  I heard on one news report that 100,000 Americans have been killed in America, by Americans, since 9/11.  So much focus has been placed on securing our safety from terrorists.   While this is certainly important, the safety of our citizens within our own towns, cities, malls, movie theatres, and schools is another area that deserves immediate attention.

      Our constitution provides the right to bear arms.  This was written at a time in history when the nation was still growing.  It was also essential that people had the ability to hunt for food in order to survive.  Much has changed in the hundreds of years that have passed since its inception.  No one needs a gun that is capable of shooting off multiple rounds of ammunition.  There is no reason for the average citizen to be in possession of this type of assault weapon.  Gun proponents will not be able to convince me that it is right of anyone to own this type of artillery.  Why they continue to have such a hold on our leaders in unacceptable.

    There is much we have ignored.  There are many neighborhoods in this country where its residents live in fear every day.  It has now spilled into areas of the unexpected.  I used to live in the Sandy Hook section of Newtown.  When I became pregnant with my second daughter, my husband and I decided we needed a home with more space.  Eventually we found a home in a neighboring town.  Had we not moved, that same child would have been in Sandy Hook Elementary School.  I agree that never would anyone have thought this could happen in a small community which places a high value on its youth.  Now that it has, we as people need to speak up, act, and work towards building a better society.  If it could happen there, it could happen anywhere.

     Good people in our country should not have to worry that if they go to the movies, or stop for a bite to eat at the mall, they will be in danger.  That if they go to work, they will have to stare into the face of a disgruntled employee.  That if they go to a place of worship, they will be met with evil while they pray.  That if they send their smallest children off to school, they will not come home.  That if they choose a career path of working with those children, they will be forced into a position of having to protect them, and possibly lose their life.

      It is now time for all citizens to send messages to Congress and the President that we need change, and we need it fast.  I am tired of hearing mental illness is the reason for these acts.  I am sure there is more that can be done in that area, but we also need to revise our gun laws, strengthen our communities, and provide a society where people can live without fear, heartache, and left asking why.  Enough is enough.


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3 thoughts on “Enough is Enough

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  2. I went through a weekend that was a mixture of rage, sorrow, grief and disbelief. While the latter three go without saying, my rage was directed at a Congress that has been frozen into inaction by the threat of the gun lobby; at the inane suggestions that guns are no more deadly than knives and box cutters and by notion that all will be well if every home and venue becomes an armed camp. Over the past couple of days there have been encouraging signs that the gun lobby might be in retreat.

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