A Change for 2013


      I never make New Year’s resolutions.  Losing weight, exercising, eating better, reading more, mastering some skill, etc., seem to me as things I should do anyway.  Whether I do them or not depends on my own will.  I can start and/or stop whenever I choose, so the thought of stating something I might or might not do doesn’t work for me.  This year however, is different.  The events of the past few months have made me seriously reconsider how I have been living my life, and what I can do to make it better.

     I have never been a “group” person.  I really never cared if people accepted me or not.  I could never understand why people would change themselves in order to conform.  It isn’t that I never had friends, rather I had many.  I would go off with different people at different times.  Most of the time it involved an activity or situation I found myself in.   In high school it revolved around classes or activities.  In college and grad school, l it revolved around courses and assignments.  In my young adulthood I tended to hang around with people who had similar musical tastes.  The people changed as the period of time changed.

     For 11 years, I have been a stay-at-home mom.  As most will agree, you spend a lot of time alone.  Once kids go off to school full-time, the time you spend alone increases substantially.   I didn’t really think much of it until lately.  The past few months have been filled with sad and difficult happenings for people I know, or live in my area.  My heart had started to feel heavy with each occurrence.  With all that I have personally lived through, nothing compared to the punch in the chest and gut that I felt from these events.  I was starting to lose hope in the world which was something I had never felt before.

     The past few weeks have been mind and eye-opening.  I have realized that it is comforting to be with people with whom you can talk, share, and laugh.  It is refreshing to the soul to spend time getting out and living life, even if its just getting your windshield repaired at a windshield replacement houston place.  Life goes on no matter what happens around you.  The ability to move on, stay positive, and find the good is what keeps us all going.  So, this year I have decided to find more opportunities to connect with others.  It might be finding a “group” that has my same interests.  Although I volunteer at the local school, I am looking for other opportunities to lend a hand.  I might even entertain the idea of finding a part-time job to offer my skills.  Whatever the outcome, the ability to connect, and once again have an active role in society is something I look forward to.  I’ll keep you posted.  Happy New Year.

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5 thoughts on “A Change for 2013

  1. DO IT Angela! Be Like Nike! You were a great high school science chairperson & sounds like you are an even greater wife and mother. You have so much to offer in any way you chose to do so!

  2. I recently moved to Chicago and I’ve been trying to take a class or go to a meetup where I have a social event once a week. It’s scary but people go to meetups for the same reasons. You’ve probably heard of it but it’s meetups.com and there are tons of categories to choose from: live music, cooking, writing etc. Good luck.

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