Remote Uncontrollable

remotes     Last fall, after many months of holding out, I bought a new car.   My old car was 15 years old and seeing better days.  It had power windows but no remote.   It was such a burden when my children were babies to open doors with a key.  Sometimes I even had to put them down on the ground while I fiddled with keys, doors, car seats, strollers, and baby carriers.  I thought my life would become much easier now that I had a car with doors that would magically open and close with the click of a button.  Little did I know how confusing and humorous  would become my attempts to catch up with modern society.

     My husband has an older version of the same model.  I know how to operate his remote.  One click unlocks the driver’s side; two opens all the other doors.  With newer models come changes.  Mine is the same except there is a different button to open the rear hatch.  Approaching the car with a load of groceries becomes a comedy of errors.  Beep, Beep, Beep…what did I just open?  Is the back open?  Maybe I touched the wrong button.  Ok, got it open, put the groceries in, close the door.  Now get in to drive.  The door is locked.  Ugh…now push another button.  By now people probably think I am breaking in.

     The other issue is that it is extremely sensitive.  Lean on it, beep. Drop it on the ground or somewhere in the car, beep.  The lights start flashing on and off.  This causes me to start talking, out loud, to the car.  So far this has only taken place in my driveway so I have not created the spectacle of a person talking to themselves.

     I have one question.   Why did they have to change what already worked so well?  Maybe my lack of experience is the problem.  It makes me think about other remote controls.  How many of those buttons on televisions, DVD players, and cable boxes do we actually use?  Do we even know that most of them do?  If you read the manuals that come with these devices, it’s like looking at a foreign language.

     I sure at some point using this remote will become second nature, and the beeping will become less.  I am happy with my purchase.  It is comfortable and has working heat and air.  The drive is smoother and quieter.  I adjusted to all the other features in no time and do not miss my old one at all.  Change happens all the time, and technology is making these changes occur more frequently.  It seems not so long ago when we actually had to roll down the windows.  I don’t think I’ll wait another 15 years before I buy another new car.  I might not be able to open the doors.



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