The Class of ’43 Goes to the Prom

     Almost every night, at 10:00 P.M., I watch the news.  Sometimes I wonder why I do this because the headlines for the most part are filled with terrible news.  Shootings, robberies, break-ins, fires, hit and runs make up the top stories of the night.  Next come stories of political fallouts or weather disasters.  But one night this week, a story early in the broadcast was of a different sort.

      Every year, thousands of high school seniors prepare to go to their prom.  There is another group of seniors also planning to attend the prom this year,  the Hillhouse High school Class of 1943 in New Haven, CT.   Deferred due to the war, this class never had the experience of attending the annual school dance.  A group got together and decided after 70 years, the time had come to celebrate the rite of passage.

     I loved this story.  It was heartwarming, touching, and humorous.  It brought out an understanding that no matter how many years pass, how many experiences we have, how much happiness or sorrow we experience, we remain young at heart.  Wouldn’t it be great if the news was like this every night.  Enjoy.

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