Storming the Gates

Chicago World War II veterans

      The ineptitude of Congress has forced a government shutdown. The welfare of the people has been overstepped in favor of political standings.  The worst part of this occurrence is the number of citizens who will suffer in terms of income and services.  Amidst the confusion and disbelief, a group of veterans from what is often called the nation’s greatest generation, showed us the will and strength of the American people.

     World War II veterans, in their ‘80s and ‘90s arrived at the gates of the WWII memorial only to find gates blocking the entrance. After travelling thousands of miles, and planning for months, the reality of the shutdown stared them in the face. They fought in a horrendous war. Many of their fellow soldiers did not return. Many came back injured or suffering from PTSD. They returned, went back to work, raised families, and lived their lives with a legacy of having served their country. They believed in the land of the free and the home of the brave. To them, there was no place better than the United States of America.

     So, this week, when they arrived to find the gates closed, they reached back to the strength and courage they had all those years ago and fought their way in. They visited the memorial that honored the sacrifice so many had given in order to preserve the freedom we treasure. They reminded us of the American they for which they fought so hard.  They lived a life dedication and love of country.

     The politicians did not need to be there. We didn’t need to hear the prepared statements they made in disguise of praise. We cheered when we saw those gates come down, and the veterans made their way to their memorial. In many ways it symbolized what we as a country need to do. We need to start working together to find solutions. We need to respect our fellow citizens and remember that no matter what we go though, we can come out stronger. We have stay focused, determined, and bust through the obstacles that hold us back. Just like the veterans from a war that changed the world continue to show us by storming through those gates.

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